Project details
  • Brand Volkswagen*
  • Model T1 Revival Concept
  • Date 10.02.2015
  • * Independent illustrations that are
    neither endorsed by
    nor related to
    the car company.
Project info

A tribute to Ben Pon.

Ben Pon was a Dutch businessman who became the first dealer outside of Germany to sell vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen. In 1946, Pon visited Wolfsburg with the intention of purchasing VW Beetle models for import into Holland, where he saw an improvised parts-mover 'plattenwagen' and realised the potential for something greater using the Beetle chassis. He first sketched the van in a doodle dated April 23 1947, placing the driver at the very front. And so in 1950 the VW Transporter T1 was born, a van that would come to be a cultural icon for the Hippie generation of the 1960s.

The T1 Revival Concept pays homage to this first series of Volkswagen commercial vehicles, designed on the current VW Transporter T6 platform, with a wheelbase that has been extended by 7cm. While there are clear references to the original model, the new concept doesn't aim at mimicking the T1 forms of over 65 years ago. Rather it tries to capture his unique personality, translating it into a contemporary language; with curved surfaces, rounded corners, circular headlights, chrome details and bicolour car paint.

The interior sees a fusion of modern technology and evocative elements, with the dashboard echoing the colour of the vehicle's exterior, forging a stylistic connection even with the current generation of the VW Beetle. The vents in the centre of the dashboard are a nod to the past, with the original T1 having very similar grids. Chrome door handles and the design of the seats give a retro touch to the passenger cabin.

External dimensions: