Project details
  • Brand Citroen
  • Model Type H
  • Date 03.04.2017
Project info

The project is a collaboration with Fabrizio Caselani.

A tribute to designer Flaminio Bertoni and his Citroen HY unveiled exactly 70 years ago, this is a contemporary reinvention of the legendary van, packaged as a complete car kit and developed on the Citroen Jumper/Relay chassis. The Type H 70th Anniversary Van will be produced in Italy by the Carrosserie Caselani, using artisanal methods, as a limited series of 70 units of each versions.

With the design we did not intend to copy the forms of the original model, but rather we aimed to capture the soul of the iconic vehicle, reinterpreting it through a nostalgic fiberglass 'suit' which at the same time is deeply rooted in contemporary style. The Type H 70th Anniversary Van is a fusion of direct references to the predecessor with modern solutions, combined with the reliability and the technological content of the current Citroen Jumper/Relay series.

For more information visit www.typeh.eu