Project details
  • Brand Citroen
  • Model Type HG
  • Date 21.09.2020
Project info

The iconic Citroen H van was produced between 1947-1981. Originally developed as a simple front wheel van after the 2nd World War they continue to be extremely popular, particularly in the street food scene. However, only few people are aware of its scaled down version. The Type G project was intended to create a compact commercial vehicle able to carry a 500 kg payload. For economic reasons Citroen decided to get rid of the sliding door and rear bumper, reducing the design and production to the bare minimum required for operation. But still, the G van never saw the light of production as the project was cancelled in 1948 and resources were put to develop the van derivative of the 2CV. In 2017 the New Type H was born from the idea of Fabrizio Caselani in collaboration with designer David Obendorfer, an up-to-date reinterpretation of the Citroen HY packaged as a complete body kit developed on the underpinnings of the Citroën Jumper van. Today, Caselani’s Type H becomes a family of vehicles, and the Type H van on Jumper basis is joined by the smaller Type HG model built on the Citroën Jumpy / Spacetourer series.

The design is a respectful reinterpretation with the clear aim of bringing the shapes of the historic Citroen van into the 21st century. Thus the TYPE HG has dynamic lines that fit the modern proportions of the Jumpy / Spacetourer series.

The Type HG is assembled with artisanal methods in Caselani’s factory in Sospiro-Cremona-Italy under Citroen Official Licensee, in a small numbered series, with a wide range of customization possibilities both for private customers and for companies looking for a vehicle capable of becoming a real marketing operation.

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