Renault 4
Project details
  • Brand Renault
  • Model R4
  • Date 18.07.2011
Project info

This new edition of the Renault 4 was originally developed as a result of a contest called 'Renault 4 ever', launched in 2011 by Renault in collaboration with the online magazine Designboom. The project was titled 'childhood impression', referring to its way of creation. First, I made a series of sketches by heart, trying to reproduce the effect the R4 had made on me as a child. Afterwards, these were the very designs on which to establish the principles of my reinterpretation.

Owing to its outstanding visibility on the internet, the ample number of comments and messages provided me with precious feedback, helping me to identify the weak point of the project.
The 'R4 - childhood impression' is inspired by the first Reanult 4L series produced between 1961 and 1967, whose front boast of an overturned U-shaped radiator grille. In my version this feature is just implied at by the ribbing above the Renault brand sign. The grille itself was eliminated by trusting the engine ventilation to 4 airshaft windows above the number plate. The closed-grille front was supposed to lend greater integrity to the form, as well as paying homage to other historical models from the french automobile industry, like the Dauphine from the 1950's. The solution has partially failed to achieve its goal, since it prevents one from immediately recognizing the model. The original R4 from 1967 has undergone a significant aesthetic updating. In its new features appears a redesigned aluminum radiator grille, incorporating the headlines as well. Paradoxically, this new front has proved to be more characteristic in comparison with that of the first Reanult 4 series. I believe that a stylistic reinterpretation project ought to take this aspect in consideration, so I have recently decided to redesign the frontal part somehow recuperating the distinctive feature of helping to identify this model, the radiator grille, present in the second, third and fourth series.