FIAT* 500
Project details
  • Brand FIAT*
  • Model 500 Spider / Coupe
  • Date 03.05.2012
  • * Independent illustrations that are
    neither endorsed by
    nor related to
    the car company.
Project info

The first version of this concept
was published by
on 3 May, 2012.

The roadster (in Italy called spider) represents a category whose roots reach deeply into the automotive history. The most successful ones are seen also today as beautiful vehicles. I have chosen to develop a totally new chassis characterized by different proportions to the 500, by using the platform of Fiat/Alfa models of segment B. This project, however, rather than being a simple up-to-date reinterpretation as it has no concrete progenitor, it focuses our eyes on a series of beautiful old Fiat two-seaters, such as the 850 Spider, the 124 Sport Spider and the 1994 Fiat Barchetta.