Fiat 500 Spider / Fiat 500 Coupé

The first version of this concept was published by on 3 May, 2012. Recently, I have come up with several modifications making the shapes simpler and eliminating all that I considered redundant.

The roadster (or spider) represents a category whose roots reach deeply into the automotive history. Those most successful ones are seen also today as beautiful vehicles. As a result, the new models of this type might give one the impression of having less balanced proportions due to the restrictions imposed by the platform, which is often shared with other models of the same producer. In a nutshell, the architecture of front-wheel cars predetermines, as it were, a quite advanced windshield position which doesn't allow the construction of a sufficiently long bonnet line which would bestow dynamism on the chassis. What's more, the stylistic criteria of sports cars in general, tend to change a lot slower than other types. So, our eyes somehow prefer a more classic arrangement of proportions. That's the reason why the BMW Z4 or the Mazda MX5 are regarded as real spider while la MINI Roadster and the Audi TT Roadster are a little less so. All things considered, I have chosen to develop a totally new chassis characterized by different proportions to the 500, by using the platform of Fiat/Alfa models of segment B. This project, however, rather than being a simple up-to-date reinterpretation as it has no concrete progenitor, it focuses our eyes on a series of beautiful old two-seaters, such as the 850 Spider, the 124 Sport Spider and the 1994 Fiat Barchetta.