Fiat 500 Coupé

With the creation of 500L and with its new versions that followed, Fiat has accomplished the first steps to transform the 500
in a kind of sub-brand with diversified products. The 500L was born with the clear objective to propose a car which, while being
a friendly and fashionable solution to a city car would attain a good level of practicity with a fairly spacious and versatile chassis.

The stylistic exercise of this 500 Coupé on the contrary, looks for the possibility of inserting in the 500 selection a compact and light model, yet with a sporty character similar to Alfa MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde. I have developed the 3D model of a just 4-meter-long small coupé, parallelly developing the spider version. The project foresees the use of the group?s modular B-wide platform
(the same one of the 500L) with shortened wheelbase, sharing the front-wheel-drive disposition and a series of components with Punto and Alfa MiTo. Stylistically, the project re-suggests some characteristic elements of the 500, while trying to make the spirit of the compact sports car reborn, in which the Italian automotive industry is so rich. The ribbing of the sides, for instance,
somehow recall those of the Fiat Barchetta, while the double hood bubble is an homage to the 124 Sport Spider.