Renault 4 - revival of a childhood impression

This page contains the material of my entry for the Renault 4 ever competition held by Renault in accordance with the online magazine Designboom. The project was first published July 18, 2011 as one of 10 finalists in the competition.

My main objective has been to share my childhood impression I had about R4 in an up-to-date way. I have tried to explore the nature of its surfaces and capture the proportions that give this model a strong personality. Such features are the R4's long wheelbase, quite short front overhang, car body with a typical forward-facing incline, different front and back fenders, front headlights close to each other, straight rear hatch etc.

Of course it has been necessary to update the vehicle volumes respecting - among other things - the standard for pedestrians protection and the current requirements of safety and comfort in general. The result is a hybrid- or electric powered car with less than 4 meters in length that suggests the original R4 by maintaining simplicity and functionality. The dashboard resumes the minimalist approach; instead of a conventional instrument panel there is an LCD monitor which, as well as the central screen for navigation and infotainment, hides inside the cockpit at engine off.